Family Pictures.

Thanks to this brilliant gal http://www.wmacphotography.com/ we have some great family photo's. I love the way they turned out, especially the ones of the kids. They are so adorable....I know I am their mom and mom's always say that but honestly they are ;) haha.
I wanted to share a few of them.

Thank you Wendy, I can't wait to hang some of these pictures around the house!


Give thanks...

Thanksgiving is a time of good food, family get togethers and beautiful scenery. This weekend was filled with all of that.
Grandma made all the kids candy apples.....so they were very grateful for that ;)

Even Isaac got a chance to try a candy apple for the first time. I am pretty sure he loved it. Who doesn't love them right?


Too cute not to post.

Here is Isaac with the neighbours lab puppies...they are adorable (the dogs and the baby). It was too cute not to post. Brad has been bugging me that we should buy one of these adorable puppies. With three kids, two dogs, two cows, 6 laying hens, one husband, and a partridge in a pear tree I have all that I can handle for the time being!

The before...

I actually fotgot to get a real before. So this picture is more of a before we started painting. Brad had already emptied the room before the pictures were taken, but you get the idea of how ugly it was.
Here is my lovely sister that came over to help me paint it.

Because the bathroom is under construction the baby had to bathe in the kitchen sink. He didn't seem to mind though! He had a blast, and I was able to putter around the kitchen a bit while he was having his bath, it worked out really well!


Procrastinator's Party.

This party invitation from Melissa at the inspired room couldn't have come at a better time. We (mostly me)have been wanting to redo the upstairs bathroom since we have moved in. With the wedding in the summer we have been busy so now is the perfect time to get things done. Can't wait.

This picture is my colour inspiration. We also have a claw foot tub that I plan on painting the underside of just like this one.

We have an old face mount sink sitting in the barn that we are dying to use in this bathroom. We also plan on doing chair rail trim and doing a two tone paint job. I don't have everything I want to complete this bathroom but I have enough to get it started and over the next few months I will look for all the finishing touches to complete the transformation. Wish me luck!
I will post a before picture of the bathroom in mention soon. Stay tuned!


Meal Plan Monday

Monday - Quiche and Cobb Salad

Tuesday - Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Rice

Wednesday - Roast Beef with Roasted Potatoes and carrots.

Thursday - Pioneer Woman Chicken Spagetti

Friday - Meat Pies

Saturday - Hopefully BBQ something.

Sunday - Thanksgiving Dinner



Last night I took the two older kids to see what Judo was all about. To say we all loved it is an understatement! It was great. Within a minute my wild, rambunctious, excited five year old boy was captivated and listening to what he needed to do.

It starts out with a workout, which was pretty intense, lots of running....forward and side-step running. The kids were all sweating. After that there was tons of floor mat stretching, pushups, sit-ups, just about every exercise imaginable.

The Judo that we went to is a family run operation consisting of the Mom, Dad and three kids. It was great to see a really close knit family all working together. At one point the brother who is the Sensei gave his sister trouble for not doing her pushups properly and to my dismay she didn't get up to smack him but (without even doing so much as an eye roll) did extra pushups as she was told (really she was told) to do. It showed me that they have a unique family bond, I believe in part because of Judo.

So I bought them each a Judogi, knowing that we would be going back weekly. To be honest I can't wait until next week, except next week I am bringing my camera. I can't believe I forgot it!


Meal Plan Monday

I am going to join the Organized Junkie blog this week and do a meal plan for the week, I have unofficially been doing them for a while, but now I am getting more organized :)

Monday - Johnny Cash Breakfast (Avery's pick). Peameal bacon, eggs, toast, and beans.

Tuesday - BBQ Pork chops and foil potatoes.

Wednesday - Spagetti (Annaley's pick)

Thursday - Chicken Stir Fry with rice

Friday - Steak, Potatoes, and Broccoli Salad (my pick)

Saturday - Pizza (Brad's Pick)

Sunday - Roast Chicken, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

So now I can't wait for friday.


8 Things I Look Forward To...
#1.) finishing my rock garden
#2.) my wedding
#3.) garage sales
#4.) renovating my kitchen
#5.) the weekends
#6.) scrapbooking
#7.) reading blogs
#8.) christmas

8 Things I Did Yesterday
#1.) gardening
#2.) geocaching
#3.) BBQ dinner...yum
#4.) watched The Tudors
#5.) played with my kids
#6.) sat by the bonfire enjoying my morning coffee
#7.) laundry
#8.) fed the cows :)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
#1.) sing
#2.) be motivated to exercise
#3.) travel
#4.) be a stay at home mom
#5.) speak a different language
#6.) play guitar
#7.) take photography classes
#8.) buy a new truck

8 Shows I watch:
#1.) The Tudors
#2.) The Office
#3.) Friday Night Lights
#4.) Cold Case
#5.) Big Love
#6.) Property Virgins
#7.) The Locator
#8.) coughcoughicarlycoughcough. Don't Tell.

Those are my 8's.


It has been a while....

Well I haven't blogged in a long time, but I don't want to give up on blogging so here we go again :)

Today I looked up what geocaching is (I always thought it had something to do with catching bugs) and I am so excited to do it. What a neat idea. I think it is something my whole family will love and it will give Brad an excuse to use his GPS! There are so many caches out there!! There is one literally about 50 steps from my front door that I never knew existed! I am off to find it tonight if I get time. How cool.

I am also thinking I am going to start a mini book of them, every time we find one I will get a picture, and have the picture and the date and maybe a little journalling about the location and stuff. Really neat!

Can't wait to start!


Catch Up on scrapbooking...

I have been busy scrapbooking lately (as in the last couple of months). I know my time is coming closer to going back to work and I am trying to get as many pages done that I can. While keeping the house clean of course ;)

This is the page about finding out I was pregnant with Isaac.

The next two are pages from our trip to PEI. Where all of us (minus Isaac because he wasn't born yet) met the ocean for the first time. I had only seen it from an airplane up until that point. It was as magical as I though it would be. I think a piece of my heart stayed on the beach in PEI. I am also aware that it is supposed to be she sells sea shells by the sea shore, Brad filled me in after I glued it all down!! *rolling eyes* I would have been fine to know it as sea shell, sea shell by the sea shore but now I have to look at the page every time and know it is wrong.

This is probably my favourite Basic Grey line of all time, Urban Prairie. I love the colours designs of all the papers.

This is about Annaley and Avery's first day of school, I cried...don't all moms? I was fine about the school but the school bus made me cry, they just seemed so small to be getting on a bus by themselves! At least they had each other though.

I have quite a few more done but I have yet to take pictures of them. I usually scan them as well but since we moved to the farm I have not been able to find my scanner cord! I probably shouldn't call it a scanner anymore and switch the name to dust collector.

Home from vacation.

We got home from a week in Myrtle Beach on Sunday, we had a great time but it always feels so good to be home. I missed my bed the most I think but I really missed my whole house.

Some of the trip highlights were the aquarium, it is definitely a must if you are visiting. We also went to Charleston which was a beautiful city. The beach was probably the favourite spot for the kids though, they had a blast. We had beautiful weather too. I have a few pictures I would like to share of the trip. I just started editing some.


Annaley's Room

In addition to doing the nursery I have been trying to organize Annaley's room and do the finishing touches. We painted it when we moved in and bought a new quilt for her bed but other than that not much has been done. So here is the almost finished product. I really love her room now and even sit up there sometimes, just to look around and enjoy it!

Here is a picture of her bed and Isaac helping me take pictures. The quilt was a baby gift handmade by he great grandmother.

This is her beautiful light fixture.

This dresser was free, it was on the side of the street on garbage day. It is an antique with a bad paint job. I would like to repaint it a cream colour but I haven't got around to it yet, as you can see.

Here is Isaac and his big smiles!

This is her make shift closet. We live in an old farmhouse which we love but it doesn't have closets. We have an armoire picked out that we want to make but for now I painted a wood shelf that we had in the basement and my sisters boyfriend made a couple ends for me that would hold the doweling...presto, and you have a shelf/closet. Works great!

Here is her desk...also a garage sale find (are you seeing a pattern?). It also still needs a paint job.

I made this page for her room a while ago bit just found the frame at a local junk shop for 2 bucks, I painted it and love the way it turned out.

I found a long mirror as well for 3 bucks, painted that and plan on hanging it, you can see the red mark at the same height as the scrapbook page. This task is on Brads to do list.

So that is it, what do you think?


Isaac's Room

It has been so nice to be getting his room finished. I can't believe he will be sleeping in the crib soon, and not his cradle anymore :(. I am trying to savour each step with him because the twins are growing up so fast.

This quilt was the starting point in the room. Brad bought it for me and brought it to the hospital the day after Isaac was born. I love it! So the blue cow colour is what is on the upper half of the walls and the light green from the leaves is the accent. The tan pig is the lower half of the walls.

Here is the changing table, it was a gift from my in laws when we had the twins.

Here is the crib (we do have the front part but we were using it as a toddler bed for Avery), notice the chew marks on the wood, that would be from Avery...

We had this rocking chair in the living room but I moved it up to the bedroom.

Here is my dump dresser...I found it at the dump seriously. I took the hardware off so that I could paint it, I am still unsure what colour to paint it. Any suggestions? The little suitcase I bought at a yard sale for 10 bucks, it was filled with Polly pocket stuff so both Annaley and I were very happy with the find!

Here is the toy box out of Annaley's room with a new coat of paint on it. I forgot to get a picture of the window with the drapery but you can see the colour of it in this picture. I love that all his toys are waiting for him to be old enough....it wont be long!

I still need quite a bit of things for the room. I have paper lanterns to hang above his bed but Brad is not loving the idea. He feels it doesn't fit with a 100 year old farm house decor...please tell him he is wrong! I also need some artwork and a shelf above the changing table. It will all come in time. We are actually going away in a couple of weeks and I want to find some neat artwork second hand if I can.
So there you have it. Do you like it? Anything you would change? I am open always for ideas I love creative people!


Busy doing the nursery...

I have been busy these last few days trying to start and finish Isaac's nursery. We decided to wait until after he was born because we didn't know what we were having. It is coming along quite well. Everything is painted, I just need to hang some pictures and finish the trim. Can't wait for it to be done. Over the last few months I have gathered a lot of inspiration from different blogs so I thought I would share a few of them...

Ali Edwards never disappoints and I love her new room for baby 'A'.

This is another great site called ohdeedoh. I love the colour in this room, the whole room is great, it is called Walton's nursery if you go searching for it.

I also really love Better Homes and Gardens website, they have tons of rooms to look through, that are usually just my style. Like this one.....

So there you have it, some of my favourite rooms and places to go to look for decorating ideas.



So what do you say in your first blog? Welcome I guess is appropriate. I have wanted to do a blog for quite some time now. I read them all the time but always thought they were hard or very time consuming so I never started one myself. To tell you the truth I am really looking forward to becoming part of the blogging community...hopefully others will come visit me, if not it will be a great way to keep track of my daily activities. Since this is about starting something new I will share a picture of my new baby boy Isaac, he was born in October.