Isaac's Room

It has been so nice to be getting his room finished. I can't believe he will be sleeping in the crib soon, and not his cradle anymore :(. I am trying to savour each step with him because the twins are growing up so fast.

This quilt was the starting point in the room. Brad bought it for me and brought it to the hospital the day after Isaac was born. I love it! So the blue cow colour is what is on the upper half of the walls and the light green from the leaves is the accent. The tan pig is the lower half of the walls.

Here is the changing table, it was a gift from my in laws when we had the twins.

Here is the crib (we do have the front part but we were using it as a toddler bed for Avery), notice the chew marks on the wood, that would be from Avery...

We had this rocking chair in the living room but I moved it up to the bedroom.

Here is my dump dresser...I found it at the dump seriously. I took the hardware off so that I could paint it, I am still unsure what colour to paint it. Any suggestions? The little suitcase I bought at a yard sale for 10 bucks, it was filled with Polly pocket stuff so both Annaley and I were very happy with the find!

Here is the toy box out of Annaley's room with a new coat of paint on it. I forgot to get a picture of the window with the drapery but you can see the colour of it in this picture. I love that all his toys are waiting for him to be old enough....it wont be long!

I still need quite a bit of things for the room. I have paper lanterns to hang above his bed but Brad is not loving the idea. He feels it doesn't fit with a 100 year old farm house decor...please tell him he is wrong! I also need some artwork and a shelf above the changing table. It will all come in time. We are actually going away in a couple of weeks and I want to find some neat artwork second hand if I can.
So there you have it. Do you like it? Anything you would change? I am open always for ideas I love creative people!


  1. You did an awesome job! The colors are so soft and warm. I know doing a nursery is a lot of work. We are currently working on one for our son (due March 19). It's a lot of fun seeing it all come together!

  2. What a calm, serene and beautiful nursery. I love the colors and softness. Enjoy