Give thanks...

Thanksgiving is a time of good food, family get togethers and beautiful scenery. This weekend was filled with all of that.
Grandma made all the kids candy apples.....so they were very grateful for that ;)

Even Isaac got a chance to try a candy apple for the first time. I am pretty sure he loved it. Who doesn't love them right?


Too cute not to post.

Here is Isaac with the neighbours lab puppies...they are adorable (the dogs and the baby). It was too cute not to post. Brad has been bugging me that we should buy one of these adorable puppies. With three kids, two dogs, two cows, 6 laying hens, one husband, and a partridge in a pear tree I have all that I can handle for the time being!

The before...

I actually fotgot to get a real before. So this picture is more of a before we started painting. Brad had already emptied the room before the pictures were taken, but you get the idea of how ugly it was.
Here is my lovely sister that came over to help me paint it.

Because the bathroom is under construction the baby had to bathe in the kitchen sink. He didn't seem to mind though! He had a blast, and I was able to putter around the kitchen a bit while he was having his bath, it worked out really well!


Procrastinator's Party.

This party invitation from Melissa at the inspired room couldn't have come at a better time. We (mostly me)have been wanting to redo the upstairs bathroom since we have moved in. With the wedding in the summer we have been busy so now is the perfect time to get things done. Can't wait.

This picture is my colour inspiration. We also have a claw foot tub that I plan on painting the underside of just like this one.

We have an old face mount sink sitting in the barn that we are dying to use in this bathroom. We also plan on doing chair rail trim and doing a two tone paint job. I don't have everything I want to complete this bathroom but I have enough to get it started and over the next few months I will look for all the finishing touches to complete the transformation. Wish me luck!
I will post a before picture of the bathroom in mention soon. Stay tuned!


Meal Plan Monday

Monday - Quiche and Cobb Salad

Tuesday - Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Rice

Wednesday - Roast Beef with Roasted Potatoes and carrots.

Thursday - Pioneer Woman Chicken Spagetti

Friday - Meat Pies

Saturday - Hopefully BBQ something.

Sunday - Thanksgiving Dinner