Annaley's Room

In addition to doing the nursery I have been trying to organize Annaley's room and do the finishing touches. We painted it when we moved in and bought a new quilt for her bed but other than that not much has been done. So here is the almost finished product. I really love her room now and even sit up there sometimes, just to look around and enjoy it!

Here is a picture of her bed and Isaac helping me take pictures. The quilt was a baby gift handmade by he great grandmother.

This is her beautiful light fixture.

This dresser was free, it was on the side of the street on garbage day. It is an antique with a bad paint job. I would like to repaint it a cream colour but I haven't got around to it yet, as you can see.

Here is Isaac and his big smiles!

This is her make shift closet. We live in an old farmhouse which we love but it doesn't have closets. We have an armoire picked out that we want to make but for now I painted a wood shelf that we had in the basement and my sisters boyfriend made a couple ends for me that would hold the doweling...presto, and you have a shelf/closet. Works great!

Here is her desk...also a garage sale find (are you seeing a pattern?). It also still needs a paint job.

I made this page for her room a while ago bit just found the frame at a local junk shop for 2 bucks, I painted it and love the way it turned out.

I found a long mirror as well for 3 bucks, painted that and plan on hanging it, you can see the red mark at the same height as the scrapbook page. This task is on Brads to do list.

So that is it, what do you think?

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  1. Hey Mandy....I actually really love that minty green dresser.....I think it works awesome with the pink room and is really cute for a little girl. What about painting the desk to match??! Just an idea!