Last night I took the two older kids to see what Judo was all about. To say we all loved it is an understatement! It was great. Within a minute my wild, rambunctious, excited five year old boy was captivated and listening to what he needed to do.

It starts out with a workout, which was pretty intense, lots of running....forward and side-step running. The kids were all sweating. After that there was tons of floor mat stretching, pushups, sit-ups, just about every exercise imaginable.

The Judo that we went to is a family run operation consisting of the Mom, Dad and three kids. It was great to see a really close knit family all working together. At one point the brother who is the Sensei gave his sister trouble for not doing her pushups properly and to my dismay she didn't get up to smack him but (without even doing so much as an eye roll) did extra pushups as she was told (really she was told) to do. It showed me that they have a unique family bond, I believe in part because of Judo.

So I bought them each a Judogi, knowing that we would be going back weekly. To be honest I can't wait until next week, except next week I am bringing my camera. I can't believe I forgot it!

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