Summer goals.

Thought I would write a list of 15 goals I have for this summer. I am really looking forward to this summer, so many things I want to get done this year. We have been having such great weather, and I hope it continues throught this summer!

1. Make-over our master bedroom
2. Have a vegetable garden (already happening and things are growing good...so far)
3. Trip to the zoo
4. Paint the Barn
5. Build a piece of furniture
6. 3 camping trips
7. Get rid of stuff...lots of stuff, so that I don't have to watch myself on hoarders one day.
8. Read 10 books.
9. Shed some pounds.
10. Start renovating the kitchen.
11. Scrapbook 15 pages
12. Make a photo wall going up my stairs.
13. Sew something besides scrapbook pages.
14. Make a good homemade ice tea
15. Have fun. :)